Break the Silence Pt. 5

K-Pop For Peace is an organization geared towards spreading positivity and raising awareness about issues affecting South Korea and the USA.

“Break The Silence" is a project created by K-Pop For Peace to highlight National Mental Health Awareness. The project consists of K-Pop stans explaining how the world of K-Pop has impacted their mental health positively. This project is not only to show appreciation to our idols but also to bring light to the issue of the mental health stigma.

“Break The Silence " is a phrase that holds a high level of significance; those who are living with various mental health issues are told to remain silent" in the fear of judgment, K-Pop For Peace has made it our mission to make a stand against the negative views that are labeled with mental health.

✨Disclaimer: K-Pop For Peace’s “Break The Silence” is not associated with the K-Pop Group BTS and their “Break The Silence” Documentary Series✨

Music Producer Credits: SherryBabyCakes Video is the sole property of K-Pop For Peace and The Mikrokosmos Project.

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