K-Pop For Peace was founded in November 2019 by Founder Myeisha Selby during a time where she was facing a life crisis that had shaken her to the core. During this time, the K-Pop community was facing a crisis of its own and Myeisha felt the calling to make a statement. A statement to show those outside of the community, the beauty of the K-Pop community. To show that the idols and fans made effortless strives to improve the lives of others in our world. In the same month, Myeisha put out a call on Facebook, looking for individuals who wanted to make a difference in the K-Pop community by representing their community well and who wanted to do something bigger altogether for the world. After this time period, Myeisha was able to find four other individuals who represented social action, positivity, and resilience. Thus K-Pop For Peace was created. K-Pop For Peace was created with the mission of spreading positivity and raising awareness about issues affecting underrepresented populations around the globe, with a primary focus on South Korea and the United States. In January 2020, K-Pop For Peace officially launched its platform by implementing its first project: The Hallyu Month. The focus for the first month was raising awareness about human trafficking. In February 2020, K-Pop For Peace participated in their first face to face event by attending the NC KoreaFest 2020 and raising awareness and funds for the CyberSmile Foundation in combat of Cyberbullying. From there the organization continued to grow. In July 2020, K-Pop For Peace was incorporated as a non-profit in hopes to grow their organization and continue to accomplish their goals and objectives. Whether they are addressing human trafficking or making a public statement of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement, K-Pop For Peace continuously speaks out about issues for those who are forced to remain silent due to oppression. Through their monthly educational projects, K-Pop For Peace addresses social injustice of all forms while educating their community on why it is important to live life the way their idols have expressed to them. Through their giveaways and collaborative projects, K-Pop For Peace spreads continuous happiness and positivity for their community.

Our Goal: K-Pop For Peace, Inc. serves as an additional catalyst of change for the world through global fundraising initiatives and educational resources by assessing a population’s needs and researching organizations that are also geared towards addressing that designated population. For each fundraising that is implemented, K-Pop For Peace allows one month periods to each in order to give their followers a chance to learn more and to have time to donate.








DISCLAIMER: K-Pop For Peace, Inc is not associated with any entertainment business in the K-Pop industry. K-Pop For Peace, Inc is composed of volunteers from around the US who are driven to promote a positive change for various underrepresented populations.